Blazing new trails

At Beacon Informatics, we're working to create new tools that help us analyze business. The Internet is everywhere now, and it's become a treasure trove for consumer feedback. Consumers write millions of words in product feedback online every day. That's where we come in: we design our products to harness these communications, keeping you in touch with ever-changing feedback and a step ahead of the competition.

Beacon Informatics is leading the way in cutting-edge algorithms and tools that can help your business grow. We're experts in machine learning, text analytics, and information retrieval, and we use these skills to build some of the most advanced solutions on the market. We're also focused on communication: advanced shouldn't mean incomprehensible. Even though we're using the latest techniques, we're always thinking about how we can package our insights to make them clear and relatable. Let's start working together.

TAMLET, our flagship product, is advanced text analytics software for analyzing consumer feedback in online posts, specifically tuned to industry-specific linguistic characteristics. It's designed to comb through vast datasets of online posts, such as product reviews or social media posts, and prioritize content to profile competing products. TAMLET uses a machine-learned model to key in on "smoke terms," or specific words and phrases consumers use in online posts that indicate key aspects of their experience. TAMLET can be used to differentiate products' strengths and weaknesses and clarify their standing relative to the competition.

TAMLET's applications include monitoring online posts for consumers' mentions of safety hazards. Safety hazards reports are rare — just about 1% of product reviews — but their repercussions are dangerous and costly. Detecting safety hazards is complicated, and you shouldn't have to read thousands of posts to get to the few you need most. With TAMLET, the most relevant posts rise to the top.

  • Advanced scoring

    Our term-based scoring algorithms rapidly prioritize hundreds of thousands of online posts, bringing most important feedback to the top.

  • Data filtering

    TAMLET's query builder easily narrows your search down to what matters most to you. Search by brand, product, date range, star rating, and more.

  • Aggregation

    TAMLET compares our smoke term scores across brands, products, or models quickly, helping you make sense of the bigger picture.

  • Hazard diagnostics

    TAMLET assesses language to determine the root cause behind its findings. For example, safety hazards may relate to overheating, leaking, or shattered glass.

  • Markup

    TAMLET highlights smoke terms within the bodies of online posts, drawing your eyes to the concerns that are most important to read.

  • Compatibility

    TAMLET works with common file types like *.CSV, and it's stand-alone software. If you have Windows 7, 8, or 10, then you're already ready to go.

Ready to get started?

We offer several types of TAMLET licenses to fit your interests and needs. Academic users of TAMLET (educational or research applications only) may purchase TAMLET directly from our site. Academic licenses allow basic access to the software, and academic plus licenses allow basic access in addition to supplementary machine-learned dictionaries. For all other users, please contact us below to discuss a plan that fits your organization.

By purchasing a license, you agree to the TAMLET End User License Agreement.Comodo SSL

License type Term Price
Academic Annual $25/year
Academic Plus Annual $50/year
Academic Perpetual $80
Academic Plus Perpetual $125
Commercial Annual or perpetual Please contact us below.

Web crawling

Beacon Informatics offers custom web crawling services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. There's an enormous volume of online data out there just waiting to be analyzed, and firms are recognizing that these datasets represent the quickest and most comprehensive feedback mechanisms for consumers. However, the Internet is vast, and it can be challenging to get everything important to you in one place. We've built a whole range of state-of-the-art tools that can compile these massive datasets and package them neatly for your analysis.

  • Custom service

    We'll work closely with you to customize our advanced software to your specifications, ensuring we always capture every bit of data you need.

  • Revise and resubmit

    As we set up, we'll send you preliminary results to make sure it all looks right. We'll make any changes to ensure you're getting everything you need.

  • Data refresh

    More and more vital data appears online every day. Our crawlers can stay on the lookout and let you know what's new in your latest report.

  • Competitive monitoring

    We won't just crawl for your data; we'll keep track of your key competitors too. Build a picture of the whole market and get the upper hand.

  • Spreadsheet output

    Crawling is complicated, but the output doesn't have to be; we make simple and clean spreadsheets you can analyze in the software of your choice.

  • Ethical techniques

    We'll only agree to crawl sites we know we're allowed to, and we'll take measures to ensure we never break anything while we're doing so.

Ready to get started?

There's no one-size-fits-all model for web crawling; every organization is a little different. We'd love to discuss how we can put together a custom solution that fulfills your needs. Please contact us below to discuss a plan that fits your organization.